So…I got an Etsy shop

I am a vendor, a seller, a shopkeeper, a freaking businesswoman. That is right, I opened my first ever Etsy shop. So courageous of me. But yes, I am up and running, with a total number of sales “0” up to this date. How successful is that?

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Art – Paper cut “Thank You” Card


Say “Thank you”

Paper cutting for me has started a few years ago when I decided to use my little paper knife to cut out an intricate card (I do enjoy making those). Needless to say, a simple paper knife did not perform that well, it was blunt, clumsy and frankly, it should just stick to opening parcels and letters. For some reason, however, I would then use it several more times because I really liked the activity but I was too Scrooge McDuck to buy a proper scalpel set.

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Art – Colouring in



Almost all of us had some colouring books when we were young , with dolls, cars, flowers, animals…I personally loved Barbie colourings, I would always first fill their lips with red, because it would suddenly make the doll look very elegant and adult-like – hence why you could often see an empty colouring book with nothing but red “lipstick” on every page. Continue reading